How to navigate the VR panoramas

With the cursor inside the window, hold left mouse button down and drag the panorama in any direction.

You can Zoom in with and zoom out with key while clicking the left mouse button or using the mouse wheel.

In iPhone and iPad you can use you finger to navigate or zoom.

All panoramas also offer control buttons for zooming in/out, navigating left/right/down/up, switch to true fullscreen with no other frames or toolbars visible and start/stop auto-rotation.

The spherical panoramas (360°x180°) can be viewed in all directions, even up and down.

The panorama downloads in tiles. Sometimes you see a blurry preview first and sometimes just a black grid. You can start viewing and panning it as soon as you see the first parts.

Use the fullscreen option for the best viewing experience. You can do it by pressing Go Fullscreen from the navigation buttons or by right clicking in the panorama and select "fullscreen" from the menu.
To exit the fullscreen mode either select the same button or just hit the button on your keybord or right click with your mouse in the panorama and select Exit Fullscreen from the menu.

Virtual Tours

Some of the Gallery sections have a VIRTUAL TOUR button under the gallery image. In those cases the gallery can be opened both as an image gallery (like all the other galleries) and as a virtual tour. The gallery image opens the gallery as a gallery and the "VIRTUAL TOUR" button opens the gallery as a Virtual Tour.

The virtual tours open only one window in which all the panoramas of that gallery can be seen. The panoramas of the virtual tour are either connected by hotspots, lists, or a map. If the they are connected by a map you will see a map of the panorama location on top of the panorama. Clicking any non-spot place on the map minimizes the map to a small icon at the top right corner of the window. Clicking on the map icon opens the map again. All the panoramas in that gallery are marked as red spots on the map. Clicking the red spot will open the panorama taken at that exact position.

Map View

In the Map View you can see the positions of all panoramas on a map (from Google maps). The exact position of each panorama is marked on the map. By clicking on each marker you can see the title of the panorama and a small view of the panorama. By clicking the link "Show Panorama" under the image you can open the panorama in full screen in a new window.

You can zoom in/out the map and navigate in the map in different directions by the controls on the top left corner of the map.

System Requirements

Adobe Flash Player is required, if you don't have get it by clicking the icon to the right.

The Java versions are require less download (between 0.5 and 1 MB) and therefore recommended if your connection is not broadband. To take advantage of the Java player, you just need to have a Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. To ensure you have a Java Virtual Machine installed, please go to the Java Website and download the latest version of Java.

Get Flash!

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