How to navigate the VR panoramas

The spherical panoramas (360°x180°) can be viewed in all directions, even up and down.

The panorama downloads in tiles. Sometimes you see a blurry preview first and sometimes just a black grid. You can start viewing and panning it as soon as you see the first parts.

Use the fullscreen option for the best viewing experience. You can do it by pressing Go Fullscreen. To exit the fullscreen mode either push the Go Fullscreen.

Map View

In the Map View you can see the positions of all panoramas on a map (from Google maps). The exact position of each panorama is marked on the map. By clicking on each marker you can see the title of the panorama and a small view of the panorama. By clicking the link "Show Panorama" under the image you can open the panorama in full screen in a new window.

You can zoom in/out the map and navigate in the map in different directions by the controls on the top left corner of the map.